Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Avoid Too Much Sugar On Your Drinks

Many people may not realize how dangerous it can be to have too much sugar in one’s juice drinks. Too much sugar, not only in food, but also in liquids can be just as dangerous as not drinking enough water.

Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad?

Sugar in general is a great tasting substance that is hard to resist. Like drugs, sugar can be addicting but not in a violent way. Once you eat sugary food, it stimulates the sweet receptors in your tongue, sending signals to your brain that what you just ate is worth eating again.

Overconsumption of sugar causes an overdrive of dopamine levels released in the brain, which will lead you to lose control and increase your tolerance of sugar.

This spells risk in your health because according to the American Heart Association, a normal functioning man should only consume 9 teaspoons of sugar daily, while, a normal functioning woman should only consume 6 teaspoons of sugar daily.  Too much sugar, especially added sugars, is bad for your health because it makes you gain weight, feel sluggish and could even worsen diabetes and lead to heart disease!

Consuming too much sugar than the body can burn leads to the liver repackaging it as fats and dumping them into the bloodstreams causing the arteries to clog. When our blood vessels are blocked, our blood can’t past through, making the heart do the hard work of pumping hard.

If you value your health more than the pleasure of drinking your sweet soda and juice drinks, you should start checking the content of your favorite beverages.

Which Types of Juices Contain Too Much Sugar?

Many people, especially the mother on the go, typically find it so easy to just run into the local supermarket and pull any type of juice off the shelf and go.  Hey, it’s what we do and there’s no two ways around it, alright?  Now, let me ask you this.  Would your practices change if you knew how much sugar was in those popular juice drinks you purchase weekly?

Soda and sweetened drinks have high sugar content, containing one-third of all the added sugars. Added sugars are sweeteners added to food or drinks during processing or preparation such as table sugar, brown sugar, honey, confectioner’s sugar, maple syrup, sugar cane syrup and corn syrup. They contribute extra calories but only give little to zero nutritional value.

Examples of these drinks are fruit smoothies, flavored coffee and tea, energy drinks, and carbonated or non-carbonated soft drinks.

There Are Healthier Options

Let’s all be honest here, many people will have the idea that juice is the only great, pastime drink out there, especially for kids, but that’s far from the truth.  There are so many other substitutes to drink, especially when it comes to pleasing your kids.

  • Plain Water
  • Lemon Water
  • Coconut Water
  • Milk
  • Juice drinks without added sugar

Did you know about this juice drink loaded with 7 potent antioxidants that work energetically to recharge your body instantly and is fortified with Vitamin C and calcium and NO-SUGAR added? It nourishes and tastes like real fruit juices.

This juice drink contains:

  • Mangosteen that helps reduce the risk of cancer, allergies, and diabetes
  • Barley which promotes a healthy heart and prevention you from suffering diabetes.
  • Blueberry that lowers blood pressure and maintains healthy bones
  • Silymarin which is generally good for the liver
  • Cranberry that fights off Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • Pomegranate that prevents certain types of cancer, lowers blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Goji Berry, which acts as both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for the body

Where else can you find a juice drink that has the essential nutrients for your body and gives you all the good and none of the bad? It’s time you replace your favorite juice drinks with a healthy one. Royale Richarge, anyone?

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