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Hello all and welcome to my blog page. I am Noel Nebreja single distributor of Royale Business Club International Inc. I started just this year 2016 and had fun mingling with other distributor. Royale is not only a business company but also a family connected together for one goal to have a better future.  I have been working as an IT Supervisor, Freelance Programmer, blogger and a Rider.

Due to my works and extra curricular activities, I am aware of the busy schedule I have. But when its Royale who keeps me going despite all of that.  Due to slight changes on my health I have tried search regarding healthy living. There I found Royale Products, which one of my friend introduces to me way back last year 2015. I am amazed of their products so I made a research about the company.

Since then I always try to use their products and to my surprise it works. They focuses on beauty and wellness which I like most. So I joined the team of young entrepreneur who keep up with their current status in terms of way of living. 

Royale is a trusted network marketing business so I did not hesitate to be part of it. As a member I enjoyed the good benefits of a healthy lifestyle and so I share it with today using this blog.

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